New Update

New Feature Update

Several changes have been made to enhance gameplay, and make it easier to play on mobile.

New Loot System - With Autoloot
- You now have 2 backpacks. One for your personal items, and one for your LOOT
- Selling items from your Main Backpack will cause value depreciation. Keep the items you sell at the NPC in your loot backpack, so they remain the same usual value.
- You can swap items from Loot BP to the Main BP.
- Auto loot can be configured at the Hunting Assistant screen. You can choose to send it to your BP, Loot BP or ignore it completely.
- Selling your loot NPC is now easier with the SELL ALL LOOT option.
- You risk droping your loot backpack and its content on death. You will be protected until level 60, after that, a blessing can protect your loot.
- NPC Axel doesn't buy stones anymore. Now all WAND NPCS buy it.

Hunting Assistant Healing:
- Added hability to heal yourself, and heal others (For healers)

Character Bazaar:
- You buy and sell characters, using your sellable gems.
- It is not an auction. If you pay the price set by the seller, you can accept the offer.
- The character transfer is completed at the next server save, after the purchase date.

New Full Map Window:
- Browse floors and position freely
- Show/hide NPCs
- Show Party members location
- You can share a position with your friend, by marking it at the map, and typing at the chat: /pos

New Options:
- Interface Scaling
- Spell Of others transparency
- Hold button to confirm drop/selling from bp
- New loot hud
- Mark button chat when receiving messages

Depot Market
- You can add up to 2000 stackable in a single offer
- Added history of the last offers you accepted
- Tax in gold to create offer increased

Changes in Gems
- Gems purchased (RDC, G2A e Play Store) now will be attached to YOUR ACCOUNT. They can be used by any character of your account (sellable gems)
- Play Store purchases will only be received by the character that made the purchase.
- All sellable gems you had before in your account characters have been merged. You can use them in any character at that account.
- Gems can now be transfered using Trade. Although, gems traded will be marked as NOT SELLABLE.

Server SA3 is no longer transfer blocked.

New Update

New Content and Feature Update

Several changes have been made to enhance gameplay, and make it easier to play on mobile.

New Mounts
- New Mounts, one purchased via store, and two obtainable in game

New Outftis
- New Outfit, male and female, by collecting items

House System:
- 77 Houses added. Only at Panuk and Lunera right now, while under testing.
- Can stack 3 items each sqm.
- Type "/house" to open the details of the house you are in front of.
- Only accessible by the owner, no invitation system to avoid Scams.
- There is a description at the /house screen on how the system works.

New Hunting Assistant:
- Based on your own feedback, from thre reality i see from players and what would make gameplay better
- Less Repetitive strain injury. More free spaces for hotkeys
- The test results have been very pleasure, at first it may sound like too much easy, but while facing an challanging hunt, you will understand it.
- The goal is to make gameplay better, we all know that pressing 200x mana potions is not the most fun part of the game. Anyway, we will be testing it and checking feedback about the features
- Repeat last attack - Repeat last spell/wave, in some cases, for a few turns. Avoids spamming keys. Area Spells (except twist rages) are not repeated. Only for mobs
- Auto potions - Setup one pot for mana, one for health. Doesn't auto cast healing spells, it is your job.
- Auto Hurry, Mana Block, Regeneration
- This feature is optional, paid in gems with a voucher, and stays active for all characters in the account.

- Rune stack 200 items
- Separated cooldown for healing and support spells
- New spells Detonation for mage, and Blizzard for Healers
- Rune and spell range adjusted
- Knight spell regeneration gets stronger as you advance, being based on your total HP.
- Logout protection changed, you will stay online for 10 seconds after disconeccting during combat. BE CAREFUL
- Paladins - Flare bolts damage increase from 4 to 5. This is not such a small change as it may look like. Crit all targets in Flare bolts.
- Spell Hurry doesn't cancel paralyze effects anymore. Only healing spells.
- Increase regen for Enchanted Boots

New battle list:
- Filter player, monster, guild members. Allows to order by critearia, range, hp, etc.
- The list can be resized (although it may be hard to click at the corner)
- Highlighted Target controll. Target selection with precision. Can be bound to a key/button (controller) to change the highlighted target. Allows controller users to interact with PVP withouth clicking the screen.
- Last target controll. The game rembers your last target, monster or player. Keeps this info even when going up/down stairs. Can be bound to a key/button (controller) to attack/stop attacking last target.

Mana and HP Arcs
- Distance and size settings
New Touchpad
- Allows walk by clicking touchpad position, not just by dragging
- To use a format closer to the old one, use "Hidden" Style with "Disable Walk by Dragging Screen" off

- Increase mob amount and unifying caves Gs and Tiger Panuk
- Show "(Boss)" on task hud when at kill the boss step
- Blink mana bar when mana block is about to wear off. Change color when mana block is active
- Way to Panuk daily boss slightly easier
- Boss Dying Duty has better drops
- Changed loot from Library bosses, low level items exchanged by better ones. Check wiki
- Added pricese description for some NPCs that have mount missions
- Red skull time changed from 25 to 7 days
- Higher Camara distance limit
- Added feedback msg when hunting mode is active
- All walls changed to fix some visual issues. It may take a while to get used to id, but it's cool after you get used to it
- Added walk through NUMPAD (when chat off)
- Highlight selected checkbox's
- Removed some unecessary settings
- Adjust afk disconnect when playing in controller
- Several performance improvements. Some changes are really agresive, so let me know if you notice any unwanted behavior.
- Several bugfixes

New Update

New Update
Timed Spawn Bosses are now stronger and have damage resistances
Increase diagonal movement speed
Implemented TIER ZERO tasks (NPC Bat Tasks)
- No boss, with task points as reward.
- Maximum task points allowed 10.

Add "Show confirmation in Store Supply Purchase"
Add "Force Aim on Area Spells"
"Always use aim" Changed to "Use Aim on Spells When not Targeted"
Add current tasks on hud ("Show Task on Hud")

Fix hp bar being drawn behind other players names
Exp boost can be purchased if you have less than 10 minutes

- Add Fullscreen (alt+enter)
- Add confirmation on Exit
- Default keymapping as WASD
- Controller R2 and L2 are now handled as buttons

New Update


Add Key Mapping
Add Different sound for damage when mana block is active
Add Show Mana Bar option
Changed Dwarves Task Points reward
Add Orc Rampage to Orcs task
Change level for Blast and Ball Runes
Change Demonation Time to 10 minutes
Fix Death Splat

A New Beginning

New Server South America!
- Release date April 10th 2023
- Transfer Blocked - No character can be transferred to or from this server
- We will add one more character Slot to the account

New Update!

Added Mounts:
- Most obtained through special missions!
- One obtained by store

Added Party session Summary:
- See the loot, supply and damage information about your party members.
- Session is update in intervals (currently 5 minutes) You can use this at random times to check profit or at the end of the hunt

Added Raids:
- Places that can be raided will be very dangerous, be careful!

New monters, Hunts, Boss, task, quests, mechanics, items (Some may not be available yet)

New minimap look:
- Higher map fidelity
- Max zoom out increased

Multiple map changes
- Remake some places
- Animations

> Bosses and Items changes
- Boss Akhanamur has now level to access
- Set Hell level 200 changed to level 300
- Set Thunder level 300 changed to level 400
- Boss corpose disposer loots changed

Camera Distance can now be set to a further distance
- You can now look a bigger map, but you may have to configure it to look better in your device

Show "All Servers Rank" and "Current Server Rank" separately

Merge servers SA3 into SA2 (SA3 removed)
Merge servers EU2 into NA3 (EU2 removed)
Oceania server changed to a different location

Performance improvemnts

Christmas Event and Patch

* Skill Event (18 to 24 December)
* Double Loot Event (25 December)
* Exp Event (26 December to 01 January)

Christmas Event (all december)
- Added white present - Used for this year event
- Mobs with 20+ exp will drop presents. As higher the mob exp, the more probable it is to drop presents
- Special boss (now respawn less often, and will heal less)
- New rewards for deliverying presents according to your level

- Increase Strong Arrow Storm area
- Show minutes left to advance when time < 3h at Hud

New Update

Created account
- You can have up to 3 character
- You can only login in one character at the time
- You can create a character at login screen
- Supporter status now are based on the account. If you make purchase or use a supporter voucher, the supporter status (30 days, as it is today) will be apply to all characters of the account
- It is not possible to delete characters

New use for gems
As you ask for other uses for gems, we have introduced:

Regular Online Training
- Advance your skill Online, with a lower cost, but also in a slower rate.
- You advance skills in rate based on traning with mobs
- You can train up to 24h straight
- You are not kicked for being afk while training
- You will traing your defense skill too (your progress is based on your vocation, knights advance faster)
- Energy points are recovered while training
- Supporters will advance in a higher rate (About 30% Faster)
- This type of training is planned to be more acessible, make you progress similar to training with monsters, and not having to worry about it.

Offline training
- Changed the maximum time allowed from 12h to 24h

Comparing the training types:
- Offline Training: Slow progress and cheap price
- Regular Training Station: Medium progress and Medium Price
- Ancient Training Station: Fast progress and Expensive

Teleport To town
- Send you to the current city temple.
- You can only use if you are not in some condictions, as not logout blocked, not skulled and not too close to the temple.
- (Despite being against this feature for a long time, i decided to implement it based on what it brings to the table. Making your way back to town will be easier, and you can also use to skip traps. This may also give you more free time to do what you actually want to, save yourself from dangerous places and avoid deaths, as when you run out of supply. Keep in mind that are rules to use it, and it will be activated automatically when you buy it at store.)

Store Items
- Limit of items changed from 2000 items to 5000.
- Activates a blessing, reducing your exp and skill lost in 50% on death. You loose your blessing on any death (regardless of pvp or monster).

Name change
- This have been moved from Menu - Options, to Menu - Store - Special

Removed confirmation by typing your name - Changed to a simple checkbox to make it easier to purchase items.

- Mini Map - You can now drag the map to see the surroudings
- All screens now have a different resizing strategy, to make it look better in all resolutions.
- This is at testing, so if you find a problem with your device, buttons too small or any weird scenarios, send us a report.
- Icons and interface should not have distorcion now, besides having a better look

- Added setting to change the HUD transpency and Status Bar transparency independently
- Fixing small bugs, security and performance updates.

*** Remember that reports that leads to solution of exploitable bugs can be rewarded in gems! ****

Terms and Rules Update

We have changed our Terms and Rules to make it clear that BANISHMENTS can be applied to all related accounts when rule violations occurs.

New Update

- Removed or reduced healing for mobs used to traing, and added offensive spells to them.
- Panuk is new a supporter only city. Boat access has been removed, accecible only via carpet.
- Added Flash Arrow
- Changed how Axes works. By using an Axe, knights focus both hands to cause damage. This can result in stronger movements, and higher area of effect, striking nearby targets. A wise knight will know how to explore the capabilities of an Axe.
- Fix monster taking some time to attack you when you walk by it. Now they instantly hit you. Take care while exploring and hunting, this may change the dificulty of hunts significantly.
- Changed the requirements for one of the Tombs quest. You know the one i am talking about. Taking in consideration that many players of the game work and studie, we want to make it possible for them to explore all the game content as well. It was fun to have the quest as it was before, but i will make it so a player can make it spending an afternoon of his life (The magic number now is 35). I guess this is something that everyone can perform, and it is a one time thing still. Even though this changes the lore a little, we will still proceed with this change. So hope this brings more options to everyone.
- Added new Death Explosion Effects (Show Damage and Death Explosion Effects).

Changes in the Terms and rules
- Added text to make it clear that BANISHMENTS can be applied to all related accounts when rule violations occurs.